A family car for a sporty driver – VW Golf Variant GTD 2016

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A Family Car for Sporty Drivers; The VW Golf Variant GTD 2016

VW Golf Variant GTD 2016

In the last 40 years Volkswagen has sold 30 million Golfs. Taste has changed in those four decades; customers want more variability and so today one quarter of all VW Golfs are variant station wagons. The compact station wagon category has stiff competitors. From the Ford Focus, to the Skoda Octavia, Opel Astra and Seat Leon. But the new golf variant GTD is up to the challenge it faces with a more powerful engine and new design ideas. The golf GTD variant makes no pretense of being a racy sports car that sprints fast but then fades. It’s design and engineering is for the long haul, balancing power and endurance. The variant GTD is the family car for sporty drivers who want space and fuel economy. But this car is made to be fun to drive too.


The car’s remarkable dependability and low noise level is pleasing. The Golf is good all-around with virtually no weaknesses. The new turbo charged diesel GTD engine is not only powerful but also low in fuel consumption. But the company’s claim of 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers is to optimistic and in practice you’ll need at least another liter.
The 2 liter TDI engine produces 135 kilowatts of power making it the most powerful golf turbo diesel yet. The sideways mounted engine produces 380 nm of torque and makes the dash to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds.

VW Golf GTD Variant

Top speed

231 km/h


135 kW

0-100 km/h

7.9 seconds

Fuel Consumption

4.4 liters/100km

CO2 Emissions

115 g/km



The car’s exterior is sporty too. The golf GTD variant has sill extensions and specific GTD bumpers. The appearance is rounded out with 17 inch light alloy wheels and a black roof railing. The honeycomb radiator Grille is a trademark of the GTD. The rear lights are darkened and the Chrome-plated, double exhaust pipes popping out the back adds another sporty touch.



The interior too is oriented towards a sporty look. The steering wheel with aluminum trim is flattened at the bottom and sits well in the driver’s hand. The seats are comfortable and equipped with manual lumbar support. The golf variant GTD has impressive power and torque. Unfortunately it’s not cheap. In Germany it starts at 32,375 Euros-a lot when you consider that the basic golf variant can be half or just under 20,000 Euros.


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