Race-Ready Skoda Octavia RS 230

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The Race-Ready Skoda Octavia RS 230


Now, every car aficionado has got a few favorite cars. among the much desired are the purist-spec Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86, the Ford Focus RS with its drift mode and of course a Porsche – the powerful Panamera Turbo S. But now there’s one more addition to that list; the Skoda Octavia RS. It has a sporty feel, lots of space and a moderate price tag. Skoda has turned the RS into a real racer, now the new RS 230 comes with even more power. The outside, only minor details give away the sedan’s sportiness. Like the logos on the outside, most obviously.


The RS starts with a push of a button. The Octavia RS has an output of 169 kilowatts or 230 horsepower. This doesn’t make it a top-notch racer but it certainly feels like enough power. And when you step on the gas it feels a bit like you’re sitting in an office chair and someone comes running from behind and pushes you forward; really good fun.
The price is also not bad. In Germany the sedan will set you back 35,290 Euros. For this you get not only 7 kilowatts more power compared to the standard RS but also an electronically controlled front axle inter-wheel lock that can distribute the power to each front wheel as needed.

Skoda Octovia RS 230

Top speed

250 km/h


169 kW

0-60 mph

6.8 seconds

Fuel consumption

6.4 liters/100 km

CO2 Emission

149 g/km


With a DSG dual-clutch transmission the most powerful Octavia can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds. You would prefer to change gears manually between curves, but the DSG dual-clutch transmission also has advantages. It’s more comfortable when stuck in stop-and-go traffic and it’s also helpful when racing so drivers can focus entirely on steering and don’t have to think about changing gears.
The Octavia RS is like an adorable scoundrel. Skoda has reworked the RS 230 exhaust system. The sound of the Octavia makes when changing gears at full throttle is distinguishable and also lovable. The engineers made sure that it doesn’t sound deafening so that passengers won’t go crazy on long trips. After all, the Octavia RS is designed as a car for everyday use and not primarily a racer.


The seats however, are too wide so that you tend to slide from side to side when you go around corners. That reduces the drivers control somewhat. Now that is a bit of a problem there. Well on the flip side, the wide seats payoff on longer journeys and provide extra comfort. Now it’s time to check out the rear seats.
Skoda Octavia RS offers so much space in the back. You could easily spend long journeys on the back seats even though one could prefer to be in the driver’s seat.
Logos on the interior giveaway the Octavia sporty traits. Many of its components will be familiar from other models. The driving mode control lets you adjust the steering, the DSG and the inter wheel lock. So far you can’t adjust the suspension. The Octavia has a trunk space of 590 liters.
Unfortunately not everything about the Octavia RS is perfect. The steering gives very little feedback but that’s not to matter most because the Octavia has great traction even when speeding around curves. So steering feedback isn’t really that important.
The RS 230 is Skoda’s attempt at beef up the Octavia RS using successful VW technology. But was it worth the effort? After all the Octavia RS has already been a big success to the company. The question remains if the RS 230 really is worth the extra 2,000 Euros. That depends if drivers regularly hit the racetrack. Here the electronically controlled front axle inter wheel lock really pays off as it provides better grip on bends. But for most people the normal RS will suffice.


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