A heavy weight SUV known for Comfort and Suitability Audi Q7

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A heavy weight SUV known for Comfort and Suitability

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7, a heavy weight Sport Utility Vehicle known for its comfort and suitability for long distances. But all that weight takes a toll on sportiness. The Q7 screams for more power under the hood. And that’s what the Audi SQ7 is to deliver; power to the track. The SQ7 is said to be the sportiest and most powerful version of the SUV. But is it as sporty as they claim.

From Design, interior technology to even the weight, it’s rare for a automobile manufacturer to be able release something so completely new, something that is the culmination of efforts, experience and passion. The all new Q7 answers this call and it’s so much more. new exterior features give the Q7 a more commanding feel and pay homage to Audi’s rally race winning legacy. A new all wheel steering system and adaptive air suspension greatly improve ride quality and agility. Beautiful ambient lighting fills the cabin, while front seats offer ventilated valkuna leather and back massagers. A standard powered third row adds convenient sitting for up to seven. The fully digital virtual cockpit display shows: vehicle instruments, infotainment and navigation in ways never seen before. An all new mmi system has a touch sensitive real glass pad with haptic feedback, handwriting recognition, natural voice control along with support for android auto and apple carplay combined with an unparallel 3d sound system that sets the bench mark for a luxury vehicle. A new generation of audi connect is introduced which boasts of numerous new features making you more connected than ever. Lastly the new Q7 offers comprehensive driver assistance systems to ease the stress of the road. The all new Q7 redefines what luxury means in an SUV

The Power

Audi claims that the SQ7 is more powerful, faster and more comfortable. Pressing the gas pedal shows that Audi was serious when it added the ‘S’ for sport. The twin turbo V8 Diesel and an electric compressor make the top model of this series the world’s most powerful diesel SUV. You have to be careful with your foot on the gas pedal or you’ll quickly find yourself exceeding every speed limit. It takes some getting used to but it’s nice to have that power at your command.

The SQ7 has a newly-developed 4 liter twin turbo V8 diesel engine. Thanks to the electric compressor used in a car for the first time here, it generates 320 kilowatts. And get this; at 1,000 RPM it already produces 900 Newton Meters of torque, which means strong acceleration. The SQ7 makes the dash from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour is just 4.8 seconds. Now that is impressive for an SUV that heavy.

Audi developer Stephan Lawrence says the car has two conventional turbochargers. When the revs are still in the lower range and less air is provided, the electric compressor supports the system, providing more air intake and that means acceleration.

Little has changed in the exterior of the Audi SQ7. The Striking front and aluminum mirror caps are standard in Audi’s S models. The rear has a dominance of four tailpipes.

Assists systems

The high-quality interior is not only a joy to behold it is also very intuitive to use. The electric seats offer good lateral support. Another highlight – the built-in roll stabilizers, which prevent the car from tilting when accelerating in curves.

The Audi spokesman says the SQ7 has an actuator on each axle replacing the conventional stabilizers. The front actuator exerts up to 1200 nm and the rear one up to 1000 nm of counter torque against the vehicle’s body roll. Normally, if you speed into a curved, lateral acceleration makes the car wobble. This system’s counter force keeps the car horizontally aligned.

The new Audi SQ7 is available with five or seven seats. The optional third-row of seats can be raised or lowered electrical. 24 assist systems help keep this 5.07 meter Giant on the road.

After driving it for a while it is convincing on all points. The handling is very sporty, has a very powerful engine and gives the driver a great sense of control. So the whole package is well-rounded and solid. Of course it isn’t low priced but that it does have a top range engine, and plenty of extras you won’t find in other vehicles.


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